How do I sign up as an influencer?

To sign up as an influencer simply visit the media & influencer page and select your primary channel from the options, if you are a journalist you may select the Media Signup option.

Can I connect multiple accounts?

Yes, after you have registered with your primary account you can verify all of your additional/secondary channels in your profile menu.

What is the verification process?

We require that all media and influencers on the Indie Boost platform be verified. This means that we look at your channel to determine whether you regularly post relevant content and whether you have an active community. We are more interested in the quality of your content than your subscriber count.

How can I request games and/or interviews?

Once your account has been verified, you will get access to explore and discover games on the platform and you will have the option to request keys and/or interviews for every game in your dashboard.

How long does it take to get a key/interview request response?

This depends on the developer whom you are sending the request to. Some may send the key immediately while others may take a few days. Please note that the developer is not obligated to send you a key although we do encourage them to provide a review copy to everyone.

What are the benefits compared to other key request platforms?

The main benefits are Indie Boosts curation system that filters and presents you with the games that you are most likely to be interested in as well as it’s boost feature that delivers pre loaded keys directly to your inbox for games that are coming out soon.

How do I submit content?

Once you have received a key and created content you can paste the link to your video or article on your keys page. The link will get shared with the developer and our team.